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I’ll swim and sail on savage seas.

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This took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dx

Pirate!Hijack AU thing because I desperately wanted to design pirate captain!Hiccup in all his dramatic flair finery. 

Basic story is Jack was an hitman/assassin sent to kill the captain of the ‘Night Fury’, only to his dismay realised that Hiccup was a light sleeper AND had a dragon. After a series of exhausting negotiations (WINKWINK) Jack joined Hiccup’s crew. 

The crew in particular- their past times include, annoying the captain, stealing the captain’s left foot and playing games with it, guzzling any rum they can find and in particular case of the Thorston twins: blowing things up. 

All dragons exist in this au. Jack cannot swim yet has commanded the respect of a Thunderdrum dragon. 

Jack’s tattoo is of huge white tentacles rising up out of the sea in homage to one of my absolute favourite alternations of Jack Frost: @avatarmn’s Djaqen.  

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